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Two men accused in theft of Super Bowl ring

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Posted By | October 31 2016 | Firm News, Theft & Property Crimes

Innocent until proven guilty is the standard upon which this country’s legal system is based. Many times, when someone is arrested, the average individual assumes that the accused is guilty. However, under the law, this is not the case. For this reason, it is prudent that anyone accused of theft or other crimes in Colorado work with experienced legal counsel.

Two men were recently arrested in connection with a break-in at the home of DeMarcus Ware, linebacker for the Denver Broncos. It appears that while Ware was playing in a game against the Houston Texans, someone broke into his home and stole the ring he earned in Super Bowl 50. Although these two men have yet to be charged, they will most like have to answer to these charges of theft in a Colorado court.

Through the use of hidden cameras in Ware’s home, photos of the alleged suspects were made public. The photos were shared on social media, and this led to the suspects’ identification through tips provided by the public. Reports indicate that the Super Bowl ring has been recovered.

This situation causes concern for a variety of reasons. Hidden cameras often do not provide a detailed photo from which a decisive identification can be made. Additionally, due to the identity of this crime’s victim, the public will most likely be more interested in and more vocal in their opinion regarding guilt or innocence of the accused. Anyone who is charged with a crime, whether it is theft or something even more serious, will want legal guidance to ensure that his or her rights are protected. Legal counsel will want to review the evidence collected by Colorado police to determine the best defense.

Source:, “2 arrested in theft of Super Bowl ring from Broncos star”, Oct. 26, 2016

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