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Home health care provider accused in jewelry theft

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Posted By | October 17 2016 | Firm News, Theft & Property Crimes

Home health care providers face a number of challenges in their daily jobs. These are the individuals who go into Colorado homes and help to take care of loved ones who are no longer able to do everything themselves. Sometimes these caretakers help with basic needs such as bathing and eating; sometimes they take care of other things around the home. These individuals often enter one’s home in an effort to make life easier for those who need their services. While the service they provide is absolutely essential in some cases, it does offer the possibility of these caregivers being accused of theft when an item turns up missing.

Jewelry is easy to misplace. Even the most careful individual is likely to misplace a ring or earring at some point. As one ages, this likelihood increases. Sometimes the family realizes that the item has most likely been misplaced and will eventually turn up; other times the family assumes the worst and believes that one of the individuals who has been in the home helping to care for the loved one is responsible. One Colorado caregiver has now been accused of stealing jewelry from several families that she helped take care of.

This home health care giver has now been arrested and charged with stealing jewelry from her clients and selling it at pawn shops. Police indicate that they have found jewelry in her apartment and that she has had an exceedingly high number of dealings with various pawn shops over the past year. While this all may appear to indicate that she is involved in a possible theft, evidence proving this has yet to be presented in a Colorado court.

Individuals accused of theft will want make sure that their rights are protected. The best way to do this is to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney. After analyzing the evidence and the situation, a proper defense strategy can be developed.

Source:, “Police: 10 new victims come forward in caregiver theft investigation“, Jaclyn Allen, Oct. 13, 2016

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