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Drunk driving and the evidence

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Drunk Driving

Getting behind the wheel of a car carries with it certain responsibilities. While the driver is responsible for his or her life and the lives of any passengers, he or she is also responsible for the lives of others on the road and pedestrians. Decisions that the driver makes can greatly impact all concerned. Unfortunately, drunk driving is one decision that some Colorado drivers do make.

The decision to drive after drinking can have negative consequences for all involved. However, determining whether an accident is the result of drunk driving can be a challenge to prove. Many times, police procedures are not properly followed, or there are circumstances that call into question the supposed evidence against an individual.

Recently, one visitor to Colorado was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving and vehicular homicide. There was a hit-and-run accident in which a woman was killed, and a description of the driver who fled the scene was aired. A short time later, a gentleman who appeared to resemble the driver was spotted in a nearby park. Police arrested the man and charged him in the accident.

In preparing to face the charges against him, this man will best be served by working with a legal team experienced in protecting the rights of the individual. Evidence placing the individual at the accident site will need to be reviewed. Additionally, proof that he was actually drunk driving will need to be presented. There are numerous details surrounding this case that will need to be analyzed prior to answering the charges in a Colorado court. Whenever any individual faces a similar scenario, this individual will want the expertise and guidance provided by an experienced defense team.

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