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Teens likely in need of juvenile defense after arrests

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Posted By | September 8 2016 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

A group of Colorado teens were recently blamed for a series of alleged crimes that took place mostly in a single neighborhood, although others were also apparently affected. The ages of the teens have not yet been released. Being charged as a minor is very different than being charged as an adult, and, as such, the approach to juvenile defense also differs greatly.

In total, four teens were arrested and charged with aggravated motor vehicle theft and burglary of motor vehicles. The investigation into the teens’ alleged activities led police to believe that the group took part in various vehicle thefts and break-ins. Some of the stolen vehicles were apparently crashed after being used for what police described as joyriding.

Although no additional charges seem to have been filed yet, police recently tied various firearms and their use in with some of the alleged crimes. Some of the teens also had existing warrants for their arrest for charges that are not related to the recent string of supposed criminal activity. Some of the teens — those without any existing warrants — had apparently run away from home. It is not clear how long the latter have been missing from their homes.

Understanding the unique intricacies of juvenile defense is an important aspect of facing charges as a minor. Many Colorado defendants approach this process as early on as possible. By carefully reviewing all charges and related evidence alongside respective counsels, defendants can better anticipate potential consequences and how to minimize their impact.

Source:, “Police say four teens responsible for spree of car thefts, break-ins, car crashes“, Emily Allen, Aug. 28, 2016

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