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Sheriff in police custody for alleged sex offenses

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Posted By McAdams Law | September 2 2016 | Felonies, Firm News

A Colorado sheriff is behind bars after allegedly engaging in inappropriate behavior with a local inmate. He is currently facing several charges for sex offenses, including two of which are felonies that carry the potential for lifelong sentences. His bond was recently set at $250,000 after the prosecution initially requested that it be set at $500,000.

Records indicate that the sheriff picked up an inmate in his personal truck, an allegation that he does not deny. He says that he was transporting her to another facility and then immediately leaving for another city, which is why he was using his own vehicle. However, the sheriff and female inmate went to his home first. The sheriff claims that the inmate stated that she had information regarding criminal activity stored on in her cell phone, and he wanted to take her somewhere private to discuss this type of private information. He claims they were only inside of his home for 10 minutes.

According to the inmate, something very different might have occurred. She told investigators that the sheriff offered her money in exchange for sexual intercourse. This offer was allegedly followed by a threat that she would spend her entire life in jail if she told anyone about the interaction between the two.

The sheriff acknowledges that bringing the inmate to his home residence was not necessarily an ideal decision, but a single bad decision should not necessarily determine the remainder of a person’s life. Colorado laws regarding sex offenses can be harsh, and defendants often worry about how the consequences will affect their futures. Since minimizing these impacts is usually a top priority, studying various possible defense strategies in a timely manner can be extremely helpful.

Source:, “Sheriff accused of sexually assaulting inmate at his home“, Tammy Vigil, Aug. 24, 2016

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