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Have a domestic violence enhancer? You need experienced help

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2016 | Domestic Violence

Those accused of being violent towards family members are often put in a precarious legal predicament. Accused perpetrators of domestic violence often face unique difficulties, including being prevented from seeing their loved ones or returning to their homes. Eager to return to life as normal, some defendants even forego necessary help and admit to all allegations. While we understand how tempting this can be, it is not necessarily the most effective approach, and it rarely yields the results defendants are hoping for.

Colorado defendants accused of domestic violence likely already understand that it is used as an enhancer for other crimes. Defendants usually face related charges, such as stalking or assault, with domestic violence as an added enhancer that can increase penalties upon conviction. This added penalty is one of the reasons that having a strong defense is so important for these types of charges.

Domestic violations tend to lack significant amounts of evidence, although exceptions do exist. If defendants choose to go to trial rather than negotiate a plea deal — both of which are valid options — having an experienced attorney who understands the nuanced issues related to domestic violence accusations is extremely important. However, since most cases involving alleged spousal abuse never actually end up in a trial court, it is still a good idea to have someone with the right knowledge help with the successful handling of these charges.

Being accused of committing an act of violence against loved ones can be understandably upsetting. Our Colorado clients who have been criminally charged with a domestic violence enhancer often appreciate our careful and experienced guidance through the criminal process. Still curious about how we can help with domestic violence allegations? Our website has more information.


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