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Criminal defense needed when police wield accusations

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2016 | Felonies

One minute, it’s business as usual; the next minute, Colorado law enforcement officers are wielding accusations. This scenario occurs every day. In some cases, the accusations are justified; in other cases, they are not. However, the one thing that is needed either way is a good criminal defense.

One store owner recently found himself on the receiving end of such accusations. The 30-year-old man was recently arrested and charged with possession of drugs and guns. Prior to the arrest, police searched both his home and his place of business.

In answering such charges, the defendant will want to seek experienced legal counsel. There are a number of things that the defense team will want to analyze in putting together a defense against allegations such as these. Items such as search warrants, evidence handling and more will need to addressed.

A primary consideration is whether or not the search was properly conducted. Did the search warrant cover both the home and the place of business? Additionally, police state that they found drugs and weapons on the property. Was this evidence obtained in a legal manner, and has it been properly handled?  It is important that the accused individual knows his or her rights in such matters.

When facing criminal charges in Colorado, one will want to put forth the best criminal defense possible. Once an individual realizes that he or she is the subject of such accusations, it is time to begin working with a defense team in order to analyze and answer such charges. This strategy will give the individual the tools needed to work towards the best scenario under the given the circumstances.

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