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Men accused of starting fire might be working on criminal defense

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Posted By McAdams Law | July 28 2016 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

Two arrests have been made in connection with the wildfire that has spread across parts of Colorado. Both men are facing charges for felony arson related to a camp fire that may not have been properly extinguished. It is not clear if either man has made any moves regarding possible criminal defense strategies.

The two men who were arrested were camping with one other individual just prior to the start of the fire. The group had camped at a total of three different sites and, according to one of the men, had set out on the trip in order to spend time reading their respective Bibles. Fire investigators claim to be 90 percent sure that the group’s second campsite was where the wildfire had originated, and the men indicated that no one else had been camping in the area at the time.

The campfire at the second camping location might not have been fully extinguished, although the men noted that they had used rocks when doing so. They also allegedly discussed tossing dirt on top of the embers, but ultimately decided against this. No files were charged against the third individual camping with them because she apparently did not have any involvement with the campfire.

Wildfires are understandably dangerous phenomenon that put property and lives at risk, but this does not negate the importance of upholding the innocence and rights of all Colorado defendants facing criminal charges. This is true during both the investigative period and the criminal court proceedings. However, in the time leading up to appearing in court, most defendants find that thoroughly reviewing their charges alongside their respective counsels is an effective starting point for constructing criminal defense strategies.

Source:, “NEW DETAILS: Alabama campers charged with arson in connection with Colorado wildfire that now covers 600+ acres“, July 11, 2016

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