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On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2016 | Criminal Defense

An arrest often feels like the end of the road, and some people in Colorado give up even as the criminal court proceedings are just beginning. We understand that being criminally charged is not an exactly ideal situation, but we also know that it does not have to be the final stop in a person’s life journey. Our clients understand that we strive to craft individualized criminal defense strategies that will ultimately help them achieve the best outcome possible for their unique situations.

Criminal charges vary widely across offenses and severities. From minor traffic infractions to more serious allegations — such as assault — there is no one-size-fits-all approach to defense. Our approach to helping defendants accused of driving under suspension — DUS — is much different than how we develop strategies for clients arrested for drug offenses.

There is also a significant difference between misdemeanor and felony allegations of the same charge. A felony conviction is usually likely to render more severe consequences, including lengthier jail times and hefty fines. Felonies are also typically filed when the alleged crime was more severe in nature. This can vary, depending on Colorado state law.

The difference in defense strategies is the key to helping our clients succeed. While other firms take a standard approach to fighting all manner of charges, we truly believe that each and every client who seeks our help deserves to have the best tools at their disposal to minimize the impact of their criminal charges. We take criminal defense seriously, and more information regarding our approaches to various crimes can be found here.


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