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Nurse behind bars on felony sex offenses charges

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Posted By McAdams Law | May 24 2016 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Allegations of sexual misconduct apparently followed a male nurse through multiple hospitals before Colorado police arrested him. While facing charges here, he is also licensed to practice in at least two other states. Facing multiple felony charges for sex offenses, he is currently behind bars awaiting another court appearance.

An investigation was sparked when an alleged victim of the nurse’s advances made a police report approximately a year and a half after the incident. According to her, the nurse made sexual advances at her after she had received morphine for her abdominal pain. He then supposedly sent a friend request on Facebook days after her discharge.

That investigation uncovered additional reports from women who claimed to have been inappropriately touched while under the care of the nurse. Some of those complaints were made in a different state. For the allegations made in Colorado, police have filed multiple counts of unlawful sexual contact and attempted sexual contact. Other past complaints did not lead to criminal charges.

As it currently stands, Colorado hospitals are not required to report violations of nursing laws to state regulators. Police speculate that the nurse was able to obtain new employment at different hospitals based on this lack of a reporting requirement. Although past complaints regarding sex offenses did not lead to criminal action, the current allegations have the potential to impact the remainder of his personal and professional life. In order to minimize this impact, most defendants find that a thorough analysis of all charges provides an opportunity to create the most effective defense strategy possible.

Source: CBS News, “Arrested male nurse kept practicing long after abuse claims“, May 16, 2016

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