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Police believe 2 incidents of theft are connected

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Posted By | February 4 2016 | Firm News, Theft & Property Crimes

Colorado police believe that a purse theft and an attempted vehicle theft are connected by a single man for whom they are currently looking. There has been no indication of what charges might be filed for the alleged theft of a purse, which includes accusations that the man made multiple purchases with stolen credit cards found in the bag. His warrant currently lists a single count of vehicle burglary.

Video surveillance at a local daycare apparently shows a parent leaving her vehicle unlocked with one of her children still inside while she escorted her other child inside. On the video, a truck can apparently be seen pulling alongside the car, then a man exits the vehicle and removes a purse from the unlocked vehicle. Police have speculated that the individual responsible for this act might have already known that many parents choose to leave their vehicles unlocked with valuables still inside.

Close to midnight that same day, a man phoned police to report an attempted burglary of his motor vehicle. Apparently, the keys to the truck as well as the address where it was located were inside of the purse at the time of its theft, possibly leading that same individual to the subsequent act. However, the truck owner intervened in the attempted theft, and the truck was wrecked. The supposed thief managed to escape, but not before indicating that he had been forced to act by another individual.

Unfortunately, many people in Colorado are quick to jump to conclusions or judgments without a thorough understanding of alleged crimes and the events that led up to them. No matter the opinions of the public, each and every defendant who has yet to be convicted is still innocent under the law. This protection is an absolute necessity for all defendants whether they have been charged with theft, drunk driving or possession of drugs.

Source:, “BPD issues arrest warrant for suspect in purse snatching, attempted auto theft”, Micah McCartney, Jan. 27, 2016

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