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Determining best defense for drunk driving charges in Colorado

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Drunk Driving

While imbibing numerous alcoholic beverages and then getting behind the wheel of an automobile may be evidence of poor judgment, it does not, in and of itself, mean that someone is guilty of intoxicated driving. In Colorado and all other states, a person charged with drunk driving may present a defense against those charges in court. Typically, doing so alongside the guidance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer increases one’s chances of a favorable outcome.

At the McAdams Law Office, LLC, we have successfully represented many clients charged with alcohol-related offenses in Colorado. We understand that a person’s private and professional reputation may be at stake when accused of a DUI offense. Our clear understanding of state and federal law helps us determine whether any of our clients’ personal rights have been violated in the process of an arrest.

After thoroughly investigating the events that led to your arrest, we may determine that it is in your best interest to challenge the state’s evidence against you. Depending upon the circumstances of an individual situation, the actions of law enforcement agents may be deemed inappropriate. In fact, sometimes our efforts result in a complete dismissal of charges.

As a former prosecutor, William McAdams brings experience from both sides of the law to his efforts in building the strongest defense possible to help you overcome your legal challenges. If you have been charged with drunk driving in Colorado and would like to discuss your situation with an experienced criminal lawyer, you may contact McAdams Law Office, LLC to arrange a consultation. Whether this is a first offense or you have faced similar charges in the past, we are committed to helping you obtain as positive an outcome as possible in court.


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