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No word on criminal defense decision for university student

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Posted By | January 21 2016 | Felonies, Firm News

A college student was recently taken into custody by Colorado University police. Charged with a class 5 felony for the alleged use of a stun gun during a theft, she has several options for a possible criminal defense at her disposal. So far, her status as a student at the university does not appear to be affected by this incident.

The 24-year-old college student was initially stopped by a loss-prevention officer at the university’s on-campus bookstore. She was taken to another room in order to address suspicions that she had placed items in her backpack that she intended to steal. After being removed to the backroom, the officer claims that the student tried to leave. He further alleges that the student tried to leave and was stopped, and then responded by brandishing a stun gun.

No officers were injured at any point during the altercation, and the student was later subdued without incident. Police charged the student for possessing a weapon, using a stun gun, multiple counts of assault — a third degree offense — and theft of an item valued at less than $50. The exact item or items that were supposedly placed in her backpack were not disclosed.

At last update, the Colorado University student was behind bars awaiting the hearing for her bond to be set. Although some might view the time in police custody without bond as useless or wasted time, it is actually a valuable period for any defendant to begin considerations for possible criminal defense options. While no decision concerning a defense needs to be made early on, beginning the process in a timely manner is usually beneficial to those facing serious criminal charges.

Source:, “CU-Boulder student facing stun-gun charge in alleged shoplifting attempt“, Mitchell Byars, Jan. 14, 2016

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