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Domestic violence defendants deserve appropriate representation

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2016 | Domestic Violence

Domestic assault is a difficult and sensitive subject to approach, which is understandable. However, we know the importance of addressing this topic head-on in order to ensure that everyone’s rights are upheld and people’s safety is protected. Defendants accused of a domestic violence offense, such as harassment or assault, are not necessarily bad people with no futures, and they deserve access to necessary defense opportunities.

A commonly held belief in Colorado is that a person can simply be charged with domestic violence. This is simply not the case, and individuals who are accused of some type of domestic violence act are instead charged with counts of assault or another crime with domestic violence being used as an enhancer. This can increase possible consequences if a conviction is secured.

Although any defendant facing a criminal charge must be held innocent in the eyes of the law unless proven otherwise, many people who have been accused of domestic violence are still subject to restraining orders and orders of protection. These can severely limit people’s access to others, even their homes. Parents can also temporarily lose access to their children during an ongoing domestic violence investigation.

From jail time to a lifelong ban on gun ownership, facing a criminal charge with a domestic violence enhancer is no small thing. Our firm has worked intimately with many defendants in Colorado, and we have helped guide them through the complicated criminal court process. Being accused of a domestic violence offense can feel like the end of one’s life, but there is no reason for that to be the case.


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