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10 arrested on drug offenses, dozens of others investigated

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Posted By McAdams Law | January 28 2016 | Felonies, Firm News

As heroin use becomes more widespread across the United States, police organizations in Colorado are just some of the countless law enforcement agencies doubling their drug-related efforts. Area police officers recently took 10 people into custody on the suspicion of drug offenses specifically related to heroin. Since the investigation is still ongoing, it is possible that more arrests will be made in the future.

The local police agency launched its heroin-specific investigation sometime during the fall of 2015. Officers claim that they began to receive an increasing number of reports outlining heroin use around that time. Since then they have arrested a total of ten individuals, the most recent of whom is a 20-year-old man who was brought in on felony drug charges.

Police now believe that there is some type of heroin ring in the area with which the individuals they arrested were involved. Aside from these arrests, they have put an additional 25 people under investigation for possible ties to the drug ring. Police have not indicated why they suspect those individuals of being involved or connected to the operation.

Penalties for drug offenses can be severe, especially when a defendant is convicted of a felony drug charge. The majority of defendants in Colorado want to minimize the impact of these charges on their life, a goal that can often be achieved with the necessary preparations and planning. As every criminal drug charge is unique, defense options and strategies also vary from person to person, making the goal of achieving a minimal impact possible by beginning defense preparations in a timely manner.

Source:, “Police announce arrests linked to Woodland Park heroin ring“, Jan. 22, 2016

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