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Legal information regarding property crimes in Colorado

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2015 | Theft & Property Crimes

Colorado readers typically understand that being accused of a crime does not constitute guilt. Under American jurisprudence, one is presumed innocent unless proved otherwise in court. It is therefore advisable to seek counsel from an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing charges,including those for property crimes and theft.

Typically, the sooner you consult with a legal advocate after being arrested for a property crime, the better, in order to retain immediate counsel and guidance in light of the charges against you. An experienced criminal lawyer can act as your personal advocate in all interactions with law enforcement agents and legal authorities. He or she is able to fight to ensure that none of your rights have been violated during or following your arrest.

At McAdams Law Office, LLC, a dedicated team of attorneys is prepared to help you protect your freedom and exercise your personal rights in court. Attorney William (Bill) T. McAdams is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who is also a former prosecutor. Experience on both sides of the criminal justice system allows him to share a vast understanding of the law in order to build a strong defense and offer effective representation for his clients.

By seeking early consultation, you allow your attorney the opportunity to launch a thorough investigation so as to enlist the aid of witnesses, negotiate with the prosecution and determine all options available in your best interests.  If you have been accused of property crimes, theft or other criminal activity in Colorado, the McAdams Law Office, LLC is available to offer a case assessment and advice on how best to proceed in court. You can call to schedule a private, free initial consultation or access the secure email form located on our website. 


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