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Criminal defense: Owner of high-capacity magazines charged

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Posted By | November 5 2015 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

A 29-year-old Colorado man is facing charges under controversial legislation that was signed into law over two years ago. Under this law, the number of ammunition rounds in any firearm magazine is limited. This man was charged with illegal possession of a high-capacity magazine and is likely concerned about the coming legal proceedings and his criminal defense.

Court records show that a report by a psychologist gave rise to the charges that were filed by the Larimer County District Attorney. According to the report, the accused man made credible threats against the Front Range Community College and individuals employed by the college. The threats allegedly included setting fire to an FRCC building and shooting a security guard. The man reportedly admitted to threatening a counselor in a voice message. The arrest affidavit states that the disgruntled former student wanted re-admittance to the College.

Upon searching the defendant’s vehicle and home, investigators reportedly found a handgun with one 29-round magazine fitted, two extra magazines and also 325 .40-caliber rounds for the gun. Furthermore, an assault rifle containing two 30-round magazines was found, along with 311 additional rounds of .223 ammo. Officers also found amphetamine tablets that were not prescribed. The defendant was released on bond and was fitted with an ankle monitor. A restraining order was issued, prohibiting him from going within 50 yards of the Front Range Community College; however, authorities reported that the defendant violated this order by going to the restricted area within two hours of having the ankle monitor fitted.

Retaining the services of an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney is a logical first step for any individual in similar circumstances. A lawyer can launch an independent investigation concerning both the law and the facts to obtain the necessary information to build a strong defense. With a client’s best interests at heart, he or she can advocate on the behalf of the accused person while fighting to protect the client’s legal rights throughout the legal proceedings.

Source:, “Colorado man charged for having high-capacity magazine“, Nov. 2, 2015

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