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What to do if charged with drunk driving in Colorado

On Behalf of | Oct 14, 2015 | Drunk Driving

If a person plans to imbibe while he or she is socializing with friends or at a family celebration, it is advisable to act with caution when traveling to and from one’s destination. However, sometimes poor choices are made, and someone who gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is pulled over by police. In Colorado and elsewhere, this sometimes results in drunk driving charges being filed.

It is important to know where to turn for legal help if you find yourself in such circumstances. Every person is protected under the law with the right to retain legal representation in the aftermath of an arrest for an alcohol-related offense. The McAdams Law Office, LLC  is dedicated to helping clients prepare an aggressive and effective defense strategy in light of the charges against them.

All law enforcement agents are bound by certain laws and regulations with regard to placing someone under arrest and charging him or her with a crime. By retaining legal help as soon as possible after charges have been filed against you, your attorney is able to launch a thorough investigation to make certain that none of your personal rights have been violated during the process of your arrest or through any interactions with authorities thereafter. It is understandable that this type of situation can be very stressful for those involved. An experienced legal advocate would be able to help alleviate some of that stress by removing the burden of preparation for court and by acting on your behalf throughout court proceedings.

The McAdams Law Office, LLC, Atttorney at Law, in Greeley, Colorado is prepared to build a strong case for you. As a former criminal prosecutor, Attorney McAdams understands the criminal justice system and is able to help you determine all options that might be available in your favor in light of the drunk driving charges you now face. By scheduling a confidential, free consultation, you can take the first steps toward pursuing a positive outcome in court.


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