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Colorado police arrest man suspected of car theft after chase

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Posted By | October 1 2015 | Firm News, Theft & Property Crimes

An incident occurred in a Colorado neighborhood recently, resulting in the apprehension of one man. He is accused of car theft and was arrested on a recent Wednesday morning. Police had been pursuing the man on foot before taking him into custody. 

Officers were reportedly in pursuit of the 36-year-old man on suspicion of stealing an automobile and two other charges. It was reported that the man was already wanted by police in connection with another incident. At approximately 7:20 a.m., officers were called to a local store in order to investigate a car theft that had allegedly taken place the previous night.

When police arrived at the scene, the man suspected in the case is said to have fled the area on foot. Police say that they searched for the man and located him about half a mile away from the site to which they had been called. After being instructed to sit in the police squad car, authorities say the man ran away. Officers chased him and apparently apprehended him approximately 10 minutes later.

A local school was placed on lock-down during the foot chase. Theft, fleeing the scene of a police investigation and other similar matters can be considered serious offenses under the law. Still, a person accused of such crimes has the right, in Colorado and all other states, to retain legal representation as he or she faces charges in court. It is important to remember there are usually options available to a person charged in such an incident that can help obtain a more positive outcome in a case. Acting under the guidance of an experienced legal professional is typically a prudent choice under such circumstances.

Source:, “Car theft suspect apprehended by police following foot chase in Colorado Springs”, Chhun Sun, Sept. 23, 2015

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