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Colorado man facing vehicle theft and other possible charges

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Posted By McAdams Law | September 4 2015 | Firm News, Theft & Property Crimes

Individuals can face difficult circumstances regarding various aspects of their lives. For some, difficulties may arise due to run-ins with law enforcement that could result in criminal charges. Individuals accused of theft or other crimes may find themselves unsure as to how they should move forward, but information relating to their situations may make their impending proceedings seem less difficult.

One man in Colorado may be hoping to make sense of his current legal situation. It was reported that the man was taken into custody due to vehicle theft, but he had previously been wanted in an alleged kidnapping and robbery. The man reportedly got into a vehicle belonging to a teenager and told the teenager to drive. The teen drove the man to his apparent desired locations and also allegedly withdrew money from an ATM when the man purportedly demanded it.

The man later exited the teen’s vehicle and left. Authorities were later alerted to the man’s location, and he was allegedly in a stolen vehicle when he was stopped. As a result, the man is currently facing vehicle theft charges, and charges relating to the alleged kidnapping and robbery were pending at the time of the report.

The situation that the man faces could be considered complicated. His current theft charge alone could cause considerable setbacks, but if he is also charged with kidnapping and robbery, the consequences could be severe should a conviction take place. Therefore, the man could potentially benefit from determining what defense routes may be possible for him to utilize and how Colorado court proceedings could play a role in his situation. 

Source:, “Suspect arrested who allegedly abducted, forced teen to drive to Pueblo“, Chuck Hickey and Tammy Vigil, Aug. 26, 2015

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