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Alleged Colorado arson reportedly tied to domestic violence

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Posted By | August 26 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

Creating a criminal defense is a legal option that many individuals take advantage of after they have been accused of illegal activity. Presenting a defense may help individuals work toward avoiding a conviction after being charged with domestic violence or other serious accusations. Because each situation is unique to the individuals involved, accused parties may want to determine what strategies may be best for them.

One woman in Colorado may be hoping to find her best options after she was taken into custody. It was reported that her arrest came about after a home caught on fire. Two individuals were allegedly inside the home at the time of the incident, but they were apparently not injured. It was unclear what may have caused the fire, but fire fighters reportedly thought the situation was suspicious.

A woman was later taken into custody in relation to the event. The charges filed against her included arson and attempted murder relating to domestic violence. Details on what caused these charges to come about against the woman were not included in the news report. It was also unclear what the woman’s relation to the individuals who were in the home at the time of the fire may have been.

Charges relating to domestic violence and arson may leave an individual uncertain as to how to handle her case. However, there is information that the accused party may be able to explore that may be helpful in understanding how the Colorado criminal justice system will handle such cases. Additionally, consulting with legal counsel may provide interested individuals with insight on what options may be best for defense purposes.

Source:, “Woman facing arson charges for southeastern Colorado Springs fire“, Angela Case, Aug. 20, 2015

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