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Colorado woman may explore criminal defense options after event

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Posted By McAdams Law | July 17 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

Facing serious felony charges can be difficult for accused parties to accept. These charges can come with severe sentences if individuals are convicted, and therefore, creating a criminal defense against the allegations could be an option to consider. Defensive strategies may vary depending on the situation, and parties may want to assess their circumstances in order to feel comfortable with their legal decisions.

One individual in Colorado may be closely considering her options. It was reported that a 20-year-old woman was allegedly involved in a violent altercation with a 64-year-old man. Details of the purported incident were vague as the documents pertaining to the case had been sealed. However, it was noted that the woman had reportedly met with the man, stabbed him and then left the scene. 

A warrant was issued for the woman, and she turned herself in to the authorities. At the time of the report, she was facing charges of attempted murder. It was unclear what the condition of the man was, as little information about the event was being divulged. It is also unclear how the man and woman knew each other. The woman is currently being held on a $500,000 bond. 

Attempted murder is a felony charge that could result in the woman being severely punished if convicted. Therefore, she may want to gather information about the Colorado criminal process relating to her situation in order to better understand what she may face. By gaining more knowledge, she may be able to determine what criminal defense options may work in her favor.

Source:, “Charges filed in Loveland attempted murder probe“, Jason Pohl, July 8, 2015

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