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Criminal defense may benefit Colorado man facing charges

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Posted By McAdams Law | June 25 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

When an individual is take into custody on serious charges, he or she will likely want to defend against those accusations. As a result, parties may wish to determine what options may work best for their situations and how they may create a meaningful criminal defense. Gathering information on criminal proceedings relating to the situation and advice from an experienced defense attorney may also be a step to consider.

One man in Colorado may be working on how to handle his case after he was recently taken into custody. It was reported that authorities were alerted to a situation in which a shot had apparently been fired. Upon arriving at the scene, police saw three individuals outside of a home. One of those individuals — a 34-year-old male — entered the home after the police arrived.

It was reported that the man was a convicted felon, and after police searched the home, they allegedly found multiple firearms and ammunition. It is a felony for felons to be in possession of firearms. It was also noted that small amounts of a substance that was suspected to be heroin was allegedly discovered. The man was taken into custody and is facing federal charges relating to the situation. 

As the man’s case moves forward, he may wish to ensure that he understands the situation and the charges that he faces. By gathering information relating to his circumstances, he may be better able to prepare a criminal defense against the serious allegations leveled against him. Gaining knowledge on federal criminal proceedings in Colorado relating to his state of affairs may also prove beneficial.

Source:, “Police find guns, drugs after felon’s arrest“, June 21, 2015

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