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Colorado man facing charges after alleged domestic violence

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Posted By McAdams Law | June 12 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

When situations arise in which criminal action is suspected, law enforcement authorities are charged with investigating and gathering relevant evidence. If domestic violence is suspected, those allegedly involved in the situation likely want their version of the situation to be heard. If an individual is accused of criminal conduct, he or she may want to better understand what legal options may be appropriate to the circumstances.

One man in Colorado may be hoping to become more knowledgeable about his current legal situation. It was recently reported that authorities were called to the scene of a stabbing. Reports stated that a woman purportedly called police, stating that she stabbed her boyfriend after he threw a beer bottle at her, which resulted in minor injuries. The pair had allegedly gotten into a disagreement that reportedly escalated into the purported physical assault. 

The man had apparently left the scene, and authorities later located him. It was noted that the man reportedly had a stab wound to his shoulder. He was taken into custody on charges of assault, protection order violation, harassment and another allegation. He was treated at a hospital for his injuries. 

Situations of domestic violence can become quite serious, and injuries could result. However, it is important that all individuals involved have the opportunity to tell their side of the situation. If the man wishes to maintain his innocence against the assault allegation and other charges leveled against him, he may be able to present evidence that he was acting in self-defense. Furthermore, additional information on his situation may give him reason to take advantage of other legal options in the Colorado criminal justice system.

Source:, “Man arrested after early morning disturbance“, Bailey O’Neill, May 29, 2015

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