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Man charged with motor vehicle theft in Colorado

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Theft & Property Crimes

When an individual takes something that does not belong to him or her, that individual could find him or herself in a very serious situation. If the incident is minor and the items are returned, the situation may resolve itself. However, there are other instances in which theft is considered a serious offense and an individual could face charges. 

One man in Colorado is currently facing automobile theft charges after being stopped by authorities. It was reported that police officers attempted to stop a vehicle that was reported as being stolen. The driver of the vehicle reportedly pulled into a parking lot, exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Two other individuals that were inside the allegedly stolen vehicle were detained by police. 

Authorities reportedly pursued the driver of the vehicle and utilized a K-9 officer to help locate the driver. The man was found after the K-9 came in contact with him. Due to the K-9 contact, the man was treated for injuries. He is currently facing charges for aggravated motor vehicle theft. The vehicle was returned to its owner.

An individual facing theft charges may wish to explore the legal processes and strategies relating to such allegations and what it could mean for his or her situation. If a party wishes to maintain his or her innocence, creating a criminal defense against the allegations may prove beneficial. Information on how such cases are handled in Colorado court may help parties better understand how they could prepare for their court appearances.

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