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Info regarding Colorado domestic violence case should be examined

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Posted By | May 14 2015 | Domestic Violence, Firm News

The information surrounding a situation of alleged criminal activity is important for various aspects of a case. Authorities need to determine what may have taken place, who was possibly involved and whether charges may be appropriate. This information is also important in court proceedings. If an individual has been charged with domestic violence, the presentation of gathered evidence can play a considerable role in the outcomes.

One man in Colorado may be hoping the information regarding an alleged domestic violence situation is closely examined. The man is reportedly a police officer and was taken into custody after being suspected of having involvement in domestic assault and child abuse. Details regarding the situation were not disclosed in the report other than that the man was taken into custody at his home.

The man was apparently being looked into as part of a domestic violence investigation, but it was not mentioned what caused the man to be a suspect. However, the man has been charged with domestic violence and child abuse allegations. Both of these allegations are considered misdemeanors. Authorities are still continuing to investigate the situation.

Understandably, cases of domestic violence are taken very seriously. However, it is important that individuals who have been accused of involvement in such situations are given the ability to defend themselves against allegations. Parties may wish, alongside their legal counsel, to assess the information the prosecution intends to use in court, and in turn, prepare a defense that fits their particular circumstances. Information on Colorado criminal proceedings may be helpful.

Source:, “Loveland police officer, Robert Croner, arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and child abuse”, Alan Gathright, May 9, 2015

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