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Criminal defense information may help Colorado student

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Posted By | March 12 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

Many individuals are taught from a young age that weapons are dangerous. Some parties may take this knowledge and avoid weapons, and others may attempt to use a gun or other weapon for protection. However, it is important that any weapon is used only in the right capacity or a serious situation could occur. If authorities believe that a weapon was used to intimidate or harm another individual, a person could face felony charges and need to prepare a criminal defense.

A young man in Colorado may be considering such options after he was taken into custody. The individual’s age was not given in the report, but it was noted that he is a high school student. It was reported that he was present at a fight between other students, and during the altercation, he allegedly pulled out a BB gun.

Authorities came to the scene and were informed that a gun had been present. Officers searched a vehicle and apparently found a BB gun that had been altered to look like a real pistol. As a result, the individual who had the gun and reportedly threatened another individual could potentially have felony menacing charges leveled against him.

Felony charges are a serious matter to contend with, and the young man’s future could be negatively affected if he is formally charged and ultimately convicted. He and his family may wish to look into his legal options and determine whether creating a criminal defense may be in his best interest. Information on Colorado court proceedings and how his age may play into the situation may also be prudent to consider.

Source:, “Look alike gun leads to possible felony charges for Colorado Springs student“, Bill Folsom, Feb. 25, 2015

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