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Colorado man may wish to create criminal defense

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Posted By McAdams Law | March 5 2015 | Felonies, Firm News

If a person sees an unfamiliar vehicle parked outside his or her home, he or she may wonder why it is there. It may cause the homeowner to feel unsafe and to feel the need to take protective measures. However, if the situation involves weapons, a person could potentially find him or herself facing charges and possibly hoping to create an effective criminal defense.

A man in Colorado is currently facing felony charges after he noticed a vehicle parked outside his home. It was reported that the man apparently thought the individuals in the vehicle were attempting to make a drug deal, and he approached them while allegedly carrying a weapon. During the confrontation, the parties reportedly began arguing, and the man purportedly fired a shot from the weapon into the ground.

The individuals in the vehicle apparently left the scene, but they notified police about the incident.  When authorities arrived, the homeowner reportedly stated that he fired the shot after one of the individuals in the vehicle appeared to be putting his hand into his pocket. As a result, the man was taken into custody and is facing a felony menacing charge.

Felony charges can come with steep consequences if an individual is convicted. However, before a conviction could take place, a person will have the opportunity to face a trial for the allegations. State residents may hope to prepare for such a situation by finding out information on how proceedings for these type of charges are handled in Colorado and what steps they may be able to take to create a meaningful criminal defense, if that is the path they wish to follow.

Source:, “Man arrested on menacing charge after firing shot into ground“, Angela Case, Mar. 2, 2015

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