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Colorado woman charged for alleged robberies, theft

The woman was later considered a suspect in five similar robberies, but it was unclear what caused investigators to suspect her. She was taken into custody after a traffic stop. It was also reported that she is currently facing five charges for robbery and/or attempted robbery as well as charges for identity theft. Another individual was in the vehicle with the woman when she was arrested, but authorities do not believe that he was involved in the cases.

As the woman’s situation proceeds, she should be aware of her legal rights and defense options. Theft charges can come with serious sentences if she is convicted, and working toward an agreeable outcome may be an action she wishes to take. In order to do so, she could potentially want to consider gathering reliable information on the criminal trial process in Colorado for robbery charges.

Source:, “Aurora woman arrested in elderly robberies, attempted robberies”, Wayne Harrison, Feb. 8, 2015

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