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5 teens charged with sex offenses

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Posted By | February 4 2015 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

Sex offenses can land individuals in jail for long periods of time. Five Colorado teens were charged with sex offenses after they were accused of sexually assaulting a teen girl. The girl says that she was assaulted while attending a party.

The teen girl filed a report in the recent weeks, claiming that she had been sexually assaulted. She says that the incident took place while she was attending a party at a house with a group of people. She apparently did not come home from the party right away, and a missing report was filed with police. Sometime later, the girl contacted her family and informed them that she had been raped.

A medical exam was performed, and it was discovered that she had injuries that indicated that a sexual assault had occurred. So far, authorities were able to identify one of the individuals, who is a 19-year-old man. He was charged with sexual assault on a minor and is being detained on a $50,000 bond. Since the other parties in question are juveniles, authorities were not able to identify them.

Sex offenses should be taken seriously, and the state seeks to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. If convicted, the teens possibly face a number of years behind bars and, even after being released, may be required to register as sex offenders. However, just because they were accused does not mean they are guilty of any criminal act. Furthermore, they have the right to confront their accuser and be heard in front of a jury in a Colorado criminal courtroom.

Source:, “Police: 5 held in sex assault on teen Colorado girl“, Ana Cabrera, Ralph Ellis, Jan. 31, 2015

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