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Man arrested for car theft in Colorado Springs

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2015 | Theft & Property Crimes

Colorado prosecutors take theft charges seriously and, based upon competent proof, will stop at nothing to obtain convictions to the fullest extent. A 28-year-old man was arrested for car theft and other charges. As with any criminal case, the fact that the man was charged means only that he has been accused and does not constitute evidence of his claimed guilt.

Police were apparently alerted in regard to a vehicle that was stolen. They eventually pulled over a man who they claim was driving a vehicle that was the same description as the one reported stolen. When officers pulled the vehicle over, the driver allegedly tried to flee by speeding away from the scene. Authorities then pursued the suspect.

The officers caught up with the vehicle, and the man reportedly took off on foot. This launched a search for the man, and eventually, he was apparently discovered behind a fence. After being apprehended, the man was charged with theft of a vehicle and eluding officers. He was also arrested for obstructing an officer, and the authorities also claim that he had three warrants out for his arrest.  

When individuals are arrested for theft, they are often faced with the possibility of serious penalties in the event a criminal conviction is ultimately obtained. Most employers will not hire those who have theft convictions. In spite of the possible consequences, defendants have legal rights to protect their freedom and their legal rights. With the assistance of experienced legal counsel in Colorado, individuals accused of theft can increase the chances of achieving favorable outcomes while also safeguarding their rights.

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