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Criminal defense may help man facing attempted murder charge

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Posted By McAdams Law | September 5 2014 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

When a person is accused of committing a crime, he or she naturally would like to be given a chance to be found innocent. Fortunately, the legal system in Colorado and other parts of the United States is set up to treat people as innocent until and unless the government can prove that they actually committed a crime. The criminal defense is instrumental in making sure that these accused individuals’ rights are fully honored.

One man in Colorado was recently charged with attempted murder. This charge came after the man, said to be 40, allegedly tried to shoot someone else while the two were arguing, according to police. Police received word that shots had been fired early in the morning, just after midnight on a Thursday.

After the two men supposedly argued, one of them is said to have left the area via bicycle. Meanwhile, the other man drove off in an automobile. The vehicle driver reportedly returned soon thereafter and shot at the other individual. The bullet struck the bike’s back tire but ended up missing the victim. The man who reportedly fired the shot was found by officials and arrested, authorities said.

Being charged with attempted murder is serious, and a resulting conviction can lead to prison time and other penalties. The criminal defense will focus carefully on legal challenges to the prosecution’s case, gleaned from a review of the police records, court documents and the evidence proposed by government prosecutors. In that manner, the accused man can decide how to proceed with his defense. In some instances, the best approach is to put the prosecution to its proof by means of a jury trial, while in other circumstances a plea agreement to reduced charges and/or in exchange for sentencing concessions may be the best possible result.

Source:, “Man faces Attempted Murder charge after near-miss shooting“, Travis Ruiz, Sept. 4, 2014

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