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Colorado man may concentrate on criminal defense in drug case

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Posted By | September 12 2014 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

When someone in Colorado is suspected of engaging in criminal activity involving drugs, he or she may naturally be fearful of being found guilty of the charges filed against him or her. Not only can a criminal conviction ruin the person’s reputation, but it can also lead to life-impacting penalties, such as incarceration. The person’s criminal defense has a duty to make sure that all of the accused person’s rights are defended during the entire legal proceeding.

A man in Colorado was recently arrested after police suspected that he had been selling methamphetamine. The 47-year-old man was allegedly attempting to sell meth to an individual in a parking area. Authorities witnessed the man getting inside a vehicle and then made contact with him, they said.

After police searched the vehicle, they discovered a small bag with suspected meth, authorities reported. The bag was reportedly in the vicinity of the driver’s area, and another bag was located in the man’s pocket. The total amount of suspected meth weighted about 15 grams, police said.

The man currently faces charges including possessing a drug and intending to distribute the drug. Prosecutors must be able to prove these drug charges beyond a reasonable doubt in order for a conviction to be secured. In addition, the search of the man’s vehicle must have been executed in a reasonable manner in order to be deemed valid. The criminal defense in Colorado might focus heavily on the evidence that the government intends to furnish in court to try to support their allegations.

Source:, “Authorities Arrest Suspected Drug Dealer”, Kristina Kuestner, Sept. 11, 2014

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