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Assault claims a serious issue in Colorado, including false ones

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Posted By | May 9 2014 | Felonies, Firm News

When police receive a report of an incident that rises to a felony offense, they are required to take it seriously. Accusations of a sex offense are ones that are certainly investigated by law enforcement officers in Colorado, and that was exactly the case this past November.

A young woman from Fort Collins reported an incident to local police officers that allegedly occurred on Nov. 24, 2013. The woman told police officers that a co-worker of hers was a National Guardsman who was facing deployment. When she met to talk to him “as a friend,” he drugged her and kidnapped her, sexually assaulting her in his home.

The young man was arrested by officers with the Windsor Police Department shortly after in December, 2013. Windsor Police Lt. Richard Higuera reported that as the investigation continued, “it became apparent that it didn’t happen the way she described it.”

When the investigation progressed even further, authorities determined that she hadn’t been honest with them. During this time, the charges against the man were dropped, and new charges were filed, this time against the woman. As we noted above, allegations of sexual assault are taken very seriously. This includes those that are falsely made, regardless of the reasons why. 

The young woman was charged in Weld County with attempting to influence a public servant. On Friday, May 2, she pleaded not guilty. The jury trial is set to begin on Aug. 25 and is expected to last four days.

An important point to remember in a situation such as this one is that both of the individuals in this post have the right to defend against the charges. An experienced Greeley defense attorney isn’t a judge or jury; they are the person fighting to present the best defense against the charges that affect the defendant’s future.

Source: Coloradoan, “Trial set for woman who accused local man of kidnapping,” Erin Udell, May 2, 2014

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