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Some jokes are funny, but some are a crime in Greeley

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Posted By | April 30 2014 | Criminal Defense, Firm News

The Greeley Tribune staff scoured through the hundreds of reports that were entered into the Greeley Police Department’s daily log throughout this past week. They were looking for cases of note, including ones that some of our readers may find amusing, weird or just kind of gross.

Although these crime reports may elicit a light response, individuals charged in these situations or similar ones could face some pretty stiff penalties that aren’t so funny. In other instances, these unusual events could lead officers to the suspicion of a more serious crime and a search of the person involved that could land them in need of a criminal defense.

So what were some of these unusual calls?

On Tuesday, a woman reported receiving a text message from a male store employee with an image of his exposed chest and words soliciting a massage. Weird? Probably, but “sexting” has become a real sex crimes issue across the nation, especially when a minor is involved.

What about on Wednesday morning when a caller reported text messages that a peer had sent joking about being “Jack the Killer.” It was prank, but what if the kids felt threatened by these messages? What if they did include threats, even unintentional ones? What if the texter sent so many they could be considered harassing?

On Thursday, two dogs began to brawl. Then, the owners got into it and one of them punched the other. The man that was struck said the other “hit like a girl and it didn’t even hurt,” so he felt as though pressing charges wasn’t warranted. The comment may have hurt the other’s pride, but what if the man did want to press charges? Assault and battery are very serious offenses.

Late in the afternoon on Friday, April 25, a resident reported his suspicions that workers from a landscape company were choosing to relieve themselves on his property. He may have been concerned about the health of his grass, but this could lead to issues of indecent exposure. Even more serious, what if a child had seen a worker exposed, urinating in public?

Source: Greeley Tribune, “Greeley Crime Log: Animals gone wild, ‘Jack the Killer,’ soap suds in the park,” April 30, 2014

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