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Colorado woman pleads guilty to theft, other charges

The legal system is in place in order to allow individuals to have the opportunity to defend against allegations that may be leveled against them. Rather than simply being charged with a crime and sentenced, accused parties have options to consider, such as creating a defense or possibly pleading guilty. If a party is facing a theft charge, he or she may wish to gather more information on ways to handle the situation.

Man arrested for car theft in Colorado Springs

Colorado prosecutors take theft charges seriously and, based upon competent proof, will stop at nothing to obtain convictions to the fullest extent. A 28-year-old man was arrested for car theft and other charges. As with any criminal case, the fact that the man was charged means only that he has been accused and does not constitute evidence of his claimed guilt.

Woman charged with DUI after fatal crash

DUI charges are often daunting for people who are charged, especially when the possibility of being convicted is very real. DUI charges that are tied to a fatality up the stakes even more, as a conviction could carry serious consequences. For one Colorado woman recently arrested for a DUI in connection with a fatal accident, fear of conviction may be nearly overwhelming. 

Challenging a Colorado DUI charge

The criminal penalties associated with a Colorado drunk driving conviction are not the only potential consequences an accused individual faces. Nearly every aspect of your life can be affected. Fortunately, just because you are charged with DUI does not mean that you will be convicted.

Police accuse 5 men of drug offenses by making, selling meth

Methamphetamine penalties in Colorado are severe and uncompromising. For drug manufacturing, an individual can get up to six years for a first offense involving seven grams or less. If the drug offenses involve manufacturing more than seven grams the punishment can be as high as 16 years. If the defendant is convicted of making more than four ounces of meth, the sentence can go as high as 32 years.  

Colorado student arrested for alleged Internet sex offenses

There are a flood of arrests and prosecutions occurring nowadays in connection with alleged child pornography taking place on the Internet. A student at the University of Colorado is one of the latest individuals accused of sex offenses involving the use of the Internet. From a defense point of view, such allegations are sometimes exaggerated beyond the actual occurrences. The potentially devastating penalties may be difficult to justify where the accused has not engaged in any in-person contact with the purported minor.

Colorado man may concentrate on criminal defense in drug case

When someone in Colorado is suspected of engaging in criminal activity involving drugs, he or she may naturally be fearful of being found guilty of the charges filed against him or her. Not only can a criminal conviction ruin the person's reputation, but it can also lead to life-impacting penalties, such as incarceration. The person's criminal defense has a duty to make sure that all of the accused person's rights are defended during the entire legal proceeding.

Criminal defense may help man facing attempted murder charge

When a person is accused of committing a crime, he or she naturally would like to be given a chance to be found innocent. Fortunately, the legal system in Colorado and other parts of the United States is set up to treat people as innocent until and unless the government can prove that they actually committed a crime. The criminal defense is instrumental in making sure that these accused individuals' rights are fully honored.

Driver reports striking pedestrian, is charged with drunk driving

A man who called the police to report that he had backed over a pedestrian behind his car was arrested on suspicion of DUI recently. The Colorado Springs Police arrested the 47-year-old suspect for drunk driving after responding to his call. He reportedly was driving down the side of a poorly lit residence to a parking area when he allegedly backed over the victim. Police report that he apparently knew the victim.

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