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Info regarding Colorado domestic violence case should be examined

The information surrounding a situation of alleged criminal activity is important for various aspects of a case. Authorities need to determine what may have taken place, who was possibly involved and whether charges may be appropriate. This information is also important in court proceedings. If an individual has been charged with domestic violence, the presentation of gathered evidence can play a considerable role in the outcomes.

Colorado man's mental state may be used in criminal defense

When an individual is not in the right state of mind, he or she may make statements or carry out actions that other parties may consider inappropriate or even illegal. If the situation becomes a legal matter, charges could be filed. As a result, an individual may want to determine how his or her mental state could play into criminal proceedings and in potentially creating a criminal defense.

Teacher is on leave after committing alleged sex offenses

 A survey of the state laws nationwide that deal with sexual offenses reveals an explosion of new laws to cover every conceivable sex act, and including a number of acts that are only sexually suggestive. Furthermore, state laws on sexual conduct are often duplicative of each other. In order to defend against a slew of sex offenses under Colorado law, a defendant is well-advised to find a criminal defense counsel who has done substantial work in the subject area.  

Colorado student arrested for alleged Internet sex offenses

There are a flood of arrests and prosecutions occurring nowadays in connection with alleged child pornography taking place on the Internet. A student at the University of Colorado is one of the latest individuals accused of sex offenses involving the use of the Internet. From a defense point of view, such allegations are sometimes exaggerated beyond the actual occurrences. The potentially devastating penalties may be difficult to justify where the accused has not engaged in any in-person contact with the purported minor.

Colorado man may concentrate on criminal defense in drug case

When someone in Colorado is suspected of engaging in criminal activity involving drugs, he or she may naturally be fearful of being found guilty of the charges filed against him or her. Not only can a criminal conviction ruin the person's reputation, but it can also lead to life-impacting penalties, such as incarceration. The person's criminal defense has a duty to make sure that all of the accused person's rights are defended during the entire legal proceeding.

Criminal defense may help man facing attempted murder charge

When a person is accused of committing a crime, he or she naturally would like to be given a chance to be found innocent. Fortunately, the legal system in Colorado and other parts of the United States is set up to treat people as innocent until and unless the government can prove that they actually committed a crime. The criminal defense is instrumental in making sure that these accused individuals' rights are fully honored.

Police charge former Denver cop with sex offenses

In Colorado and every other state, there is a large body of statutory provisions designed to control and monitor the actions of convicted sex offenders. Those who are convicted of sex offenses may be required to register as a sex offender. For some crimes, the registration period may be for the remainder of the offender's life.

7 juveniles must present criminal defense to riot charges

Juveniles are charged with crimes in many cases just like adults. Nonetheless, the system of prosecuting juveniles is quite a bit different from the prosecution of adults. When dealing with juveniles, the system provides more flexibility in presenting a criminal defense and several more alternative programs in place of the far more severe penalties in the adult system. Recently, seven juveniles were arrested and charged with causing a riot and assault at the Spring Creek Youth Services Center in Colorado Springs, according to a Springs Police spokesperson.

Woman's domestic violence arrest leads to immigration issues

Individuals who are accused of, or arrested on, domestic violence charges often face social, career or other consequences regardless of the outcome of an arrest. Though a strong criminal defense is always a first concern to minimize consequences or clear one’s name, individuals facing such accusations also should understand how to minimize other effects.

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