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Colorado fire chief accused of theft of department funds

Everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes these mistakes are small and only cause minor problems; sometimes these mistakes are more serious in nature and come with more serious consequences. Regardless, when a Colorado resident makes a mistake in judgment and is then accused of theft, it is time for that individual to seek assistance.

Two men accused in theft of Super Bowl ring

Innocent until proven guilty is the standard upon which this country's legal system is based. Many times, when someone is arrested, the average individual assumes that the accused is guilty. However, under the law, this is not the case. For this reason, it is prudent that anyone accused of theft or other crimes in Colorado work with experienced legal counsel.

Home health care provider accused in jewelry theft

Home health care providers face a number of challenges in their daily jobs. These are the individuals who go into Colorado homes and help to take care of loved ones who are no longer able to do everything themselves. Sometimes these caretakers help with basic needs such as bathing and eating; sometimes they take care of other things around the home. These individuals often enter one's home in an effort to make life easier for those who need their services. While the service they provide is absolutely essential in some cases, it does offer the possibility of these caregivers being accused of theft when an item turns up missing.

Felony theft charges filed against fire chief, wife

A fire chief and his wife are currently both in Colorado police custody on allegations that they engaged in criminal behavior while the husband was employed at an area fire department. Both individuals face charges for felony theft, while the former fire chief is facing three other charges, two of which are also felonies. Bond has not yet been set.

Former bookkeeper dealing with felony theft charges

A 26-year-old bookkeeper is set to face a trial by jury later this year following her not guilty plea. Charged with multiple counts of felony theft, the woman's arrest came after what authorities claim was some significant embezzlement on her part. However, since embezzlement is what is known as a nonviolent crime, even prosecutors think that jail time would be unlikely should a conviction ever be achieved.

Protecting personal rights when charged with theft in Colorado

Being accused of a criminal offense in Colorado does not constitute one's guilt. The justice system in the United States presumes every defendant innocent unless proved otherwise by the prosecution and confirmed by the decision of a judge or jury. Therefore, anyone charged with theft or other criminal wrongdoing will want to make every effort to ensure that his or her personal rights are being protected both during and following an arrest.

Postal worker previously accused of theft now charged with fraud

A federal indictment against a former U.S. Postal Service worker claims that the woman wrongly collected workers' compensation. Prosecutors claim that she collected these benefits for total disability while not actually suffering from physical impairments that prevented her from attending work. These accusations follow previous federal felony charges of theft of mail and embezzlement, for which she pleaded guilty to lesser misdemeanor charges.

University of Colorado linebacker arrested for criminal mischief

A football player at the University of Colorado is currently in police custody after an alleged altercation with officers. Facing a total of 15 charges, including criminal mischief, his bond has been set at $100,000. He has also been suspended from participating in any of his college team's activities.

Fire sparks property crimes charges for homeless man

A homeless man has been arrested in connection with a fire that destroyed at least eight different storage units and damaged others at a Colorado self-storage company. His charges for the alleged property crimes include arson and criminal impersonation. The storage unit company has yet to release an estimate of the financial damages.

Police believe 2 incidents of theft are connected

Colorado police believe that a purse theft and an attempted vehicle theft are connected by a single man for whom they are currently looking. There has been no indication of what charges might be filed for the alleged theft of a purse, which includes accusations that the man made multiple purchases with stolen credit cards found in the bag. His warrant currently lists a single count of vehicle burglary.

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