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Police investigation into gunshots leads to drug offenses arrest

During the course of a normal investigation, Colorado police may knock on doors to question residents. If home, the average individual will answer the door and perhaps invite the officers inside. It is also possible that the resident may prefer to discuss the situation outside the home. The purpose of such visits are to determine if the occupant of the home heard or saw anything related to the police investigation; it is not to determine if the occupant may have something hidden in the home so that he or she can be accused of drug offenses.

Criminal defense needed when police wield accusations

One minute, it's business as usual; the next minute, Colorado law enforcement officers are wielding accusations. This scenario occurs every day. In some cases, the accusations are justified; in other cases, they are not. However, the one thing that is needed either way is a good criminal defense.

Sheriff in police custody for alleged sex offenses

A Colorado sheriff is behind bars after allegedly engaging in inappropriate behavior with a local inmate. He is currently facing several charges for sex offenses, including two of which are felonies that carry the potential for lifelong sentences. His bond was recently set at $250,000 after the prosecution initially requested that it be set at $500,000.

Our help can minimize the impact of sex offenses charges

The law demands that defendants be considered innocent unless definitively proven otherwise, but some defendants are not afforded that luxury. Individuals in Colorado who have been accused of committing sex offenses are often portrayed poorly in the media and in the eyes of the public. This type of early attention leaves many feeling hopeless against their charges, but with the possible steep consequences of a conviction, giving up is not an option.

Criminal defense lawyers must give strong defense to the accused

Greeley had the highest reported crime rate in 2015 of any northern Colorado city, according to a Tribune analysis it conducted based on Colorado Bureau of Investigation data. The city also had the most per capita reported crimes in 2015, in comparison to Fort Collins, Boulder, Loveland and Longmont. The city also has the highest arrest rate in the region, raising the need for a strong criminal defense bar to handle the necessary defenses for those accused and arrested.

Intoxication ruled out as criminal defense option for homeowner

A Colorado man was arrested after reacting to what he perceived to be a significant threat at his home. His felony charge for aggravated menacing stems from an encounter with a government worker that apparently involved a firearm, although it was never discharged. The defendant still has ample time to begin his criminal defense preparations, but it is already believed that possible intoxication will not be part of that plan.

Colorado surgical technician charged with drug offenses

A former Colorado hospital employee was arrested on some rather hefty allegations. According to police officers, the surgical technician had, at one point, swapped out patients' medications for different substances. He is currently still behind bars for the alleged drug offenses.

10 arrested on drug offenses, dozens of others investigated

As heroin use becomes more widespread across the United States, police organizations in Colorado are just some of the countless law enforcement agencies doubling their drug-related efforts. Area police officers recently took 10 people into custody on the suspicion of drug offenses specifically related to heroin. Since the investigation is still ongoing, it is possible that more arrests will be made in the future.

No word on criminal defense decision for university student

A college student was recently taken into custody by Colorado University police. Charged with a class 5 felony for the alleged use of a stun gun during a theft, she has several options for a possible criminal defense at her disposal. So far, her status as a student at the university does not appear to be affected by this incident.

No word on criminal defense plans for Colorado psychic

The company Lacoste is likely most well-known for the expensive clothing that it creates, but a member of the company's founding family is now a key player in a Colorado criminal case. Authorities claim that a local psychic created a scam that netted hundreds of thousands of dollars from Victoria Lacoste. It is not yet clear if the defendant has made any definitive decisions concerning her criminal defense.

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