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Colorado law enforcement on alert for drunk driving over holidays

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, many will travel to visit friends and family throughout Colorado. The air will be filled with celebration as everyone gathers together to enjoy each other's company. As friends and family share their holiday feast, it is likely that many will also share a drink or two. If this is the case, it would be wise to keep in mind the fact that Colorado law enforcement will be on the lookout for those whom they believe are drunk driving.

Charges of drunk driving serious matter for Colorado driver

Traffic accidents occur on a regular basis along Colorado roadways. Something happens and a driver misjudges a situation or becomes distracted and there is a collision. Along with such an unfortunate incident comes the damage to the cars and the possible injury to the drivers and passengers involved in the accident. In many cases, police investigate the accident in an attempt to determine exactly what happened and if drunk driving was involved.

Drunk driving and the evidence

Getting behind the wheel of a car carries with it certain responsibilities. While the driver is responsible for his or her life and the lives of any passengers, he or she is also responsible for the lives of others on the road and pedestrians. Decisions that the driver makes can greatly impact all concerned. Unfortunately, drunk driving is one decision that some Colorado drivers do make.

What to do when accused of drunk driving

Being involved in a Colorado traffic accident is nerve racking enough. First one checks on the condition of everyone involved. Then, the damage done to the vehicles is surveyed. These steps usually take place while waiting for the police and other emergency response vehicles to arrive. Once law enforcement arrives, questions must be answered and decisions regarding fault and extenuating circumstance such as whether one of the drivers was drunk driving may be made.

Hundreds charged with DUI during Labor Day period

Holiday weekends that give families time away from work and school are popular times for barbecues and other get-togethers. They usually mean something for Colorado police, too -- watching out for drunk drivers. Police tend to make more DUI-related traffic stops and arrest during holiday weekends than during other times of the year.

Driver pleads not guilty to DUI-related charges in Colorado

Colorado state law does not treat drivers accused of being intoxicated behind the wheel lightly. A recent example of this includes a driver arrested on multiple counts of vehicular homicide -- two involving DUI and another two for reckless driving. She has yet to post her bond, which was set at $50,000, and she is still in police custody.

Suspected DUI crash occurs on same Colorado road as another crash

A stretch of Colorado highway was apparently the recent scene of two separate accidents on the same day. Authorities say they had just re-opened the road after the first incident when the second crash occurred. A driver in the second collision is suspected of DUI and has been arrested.

Colorado take teen suspected of drunk driving into custody

Colorado police have a teenage boy in their custody after he allegedly stole a vehicle involved in a two-car wreck. Two people were injured in the wreck, including the teen driver. No citations have officially been filed yet, although it is expected that he will likely face charges for drunk driving, motor vehicle theft and vehicular assault.

In juvenile defense, life without parole is off the table

Being charged with a juvenile offense is a serious matter that can impact the trajectory of a young person's life. This is especially true for allegations involving more serious matters, such as assault and murder. What some people in Colorado may not know, is that a minor cannot be sentenced to life in prison without parole even if he or she is convicted of committing murder. However, this does not mean that a minor defendant should not be vigilant in constructing a juvenile defense.

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