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Robbery and attempted homicide charges need criminal defense

A robbery occurs, shots are fired and a call is placed seeking assistance from Colorado law enforcement. This scenario leads to officers looking for a certain color and model of car. It is possible that they even know the approximate age and number of people that should be in that car. If a car fitting the necessary description is spotted, the occupants will suddenly find themselves in need of a criminal defense.

Teens likely in need of juvenile defense after arrests

A group of Colorado teens were recently blamed for a series of alleged crimes that took place mostly in a single neighborhood, although others were also apparently affected. The ages of the teens have not yet been released. Being charged as a minor is very different than being charged as an adult, and, as such, the approach to juvenile defense also differs greatly.

For the best criminal defense, know your rights

The portrayal of police officers on TV and in movies tends to give the impression that they can do whatever they think is necessary in order to secure an arrest. Colorado residents actually have a reasonable expectation to their privacy that is protected by law. However, in order to develop the best possible criminal defense strategy, defendants must first understand the difference between reasonable and unreasonable searches.

We take your criminal defense seriously

An arrest often feels like the end of the road, and some people in Colorado give up even as the criminal court proceedings are just beginning. We understand that being criminally charged is not an exactly ideal situation, but we also know that it does not have to be the final stop in a person's life journey. Our clients understand that we strive to craft individualized criminal defense strategies that will ultimately help them achieve the best outcome possible for their unique situations.

Nurse behind bars on felony sex offenses charges

Allegations of sexual misconduct apparently followed a male nurse through multiple hospitals before Colorado police arrested him. While facing charges here, he is also licensed to practice in at least two other states. Facing multiple felony charges for sex offenses, he is currently behind bars awaiting another court appearance.

Bill concerning teen sex offenses defeated by lawmakers

A bill that sought to change consequences for teenage sexting recently failed to gain legal grounding. The Colorado House defeated the bill, which means that consensual sexting between teenagers can still result in minors being charged with sex offenses. As it currently stands, sexting -- or sending nude photos through texting or smart phone apps -- is still considered a felony for teenagers.

Juvenile defense should be handled by experts in the field

Colorado parents can feel lost and confused when dealing with their child facing charges in the juvenile system. Although most people have at least a basic understanding of the adult criminal system, the juvenile system has its own set of rules and standards. Because of the significant differences between the two systems and the potential impact on a child's future, juvenile defense options should be addressed with those who have experience and knowledge in the field.

Man might address criminal defense while in psychiatric facility

Police believe that they have correctly identified a man responsible for a snowboarder's serious fall from a chairlift. Prior to his arrest, the defendant had spent weeks in a Colorado psychiatric hospital. Although it is not yet clear if he has any criminal defense strategies in mind, he is possibly being transported to an out-of-state psychiatric treatment facility.

Criminal defense may exist for woman arrested for menacing

In Colorado and nationwide, there is little sympathy these days for those who make threats of violence against authorities or private organizations. If anything, such events are treated with far more prosecutorial concern than may have previously been the case. In the current atmosphere of gun violence and domestic terrorism, people tend to forget or even to dishonor a very basic tenet of our criminal justice system: every accused person must be provided with a vigorous criminal defense and a fair and impartial trial.

Criminal defense: Owner of high-capacity magazines charged

A 29-year-old Colorado man is facing charges under controversial legislation that was signed into law over two years ago. Under this law, the number of ammunition rounds in any firearm magazine is limited. This man was charged with illegal possession of a high-capacity magazine and is likely concerned about the coming legal proceedings and his criminal defense.

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