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Former Prosecutor Now Fighting for You — Hard-Hitting, Fair and Experienced DUI Defense and Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI), you may be thinking that hiring a lawyer will be more expensive than the cost of just pleading guilty and getting the whole thing over with — especially if to you, it seems the evidence points to an unlawful blood alcohol content.

Steep Penalties for DUI Conviction

The cost of pleading guilty to a drunk driving charge without a skilled lawyer to protect you from the heavy-hitting arm of the criminal justice system may be greater than you wish to pay. You are facing penalties like these: losing your drivers' privileges for a year or longer, spending up to one year in jail, paying thousands in court-imposed fines, performing many hours of community service, being involuntarily made to enter an alcohol or drug treatment program and seeing your insurance premiums skyrocket.

When you finally do get your driver's license back, you will need to undergo the humiliation of breathing into an ignition interlock device each time you want to drive your car. And you need to pay for the cost of the rental of the machine, as well.

Former Prosecutor Turned Criminal Defense Attorney — Colorado DUI Defense

In Colorado, lawmakers enacted new laws to make drunk driving penalties even more severe on July 1, 2010. And prosecutors continue to press for maximum punishment of drunk drivers. Criminal defense attorney William (Bill) T. McAdams is a former Weld County prosecutor now working as a sole practitioner defending clients accused of DUI and other felonies and misdemeanors in courtrooms throughout Larimer County and Weld County. He has taken more than 60 cases to jury trial and handled thousands more. He is an attorney who is skilled in helping clients obtain case dismissals and charge reductions and in helping to minimize the consequences of a conviction.

Cutting Edge Defense

Having a lawyer who understands the science and technology behind blood alcohol tests, breath alcohol tests and field sobriety tests can play a critical role in the outcome of your DUI defense case. A minute variance in the level of alcohol allegedly in your blood can drastically affect the seriousness of your drunk driving-related charge.

Mr. McAdams has earned certification in field sobriety testing and in blood alcohol testing, the same certification that police officers must undergo in order to administer such tests. This certification allows him to knowledgeably scrutinize the alcohol testing processes and evaluate results, uncovering inaccuracies in the science or testing process itself. If you decide to pursue your own case, how will you ever know if the tests that "found you guilty" were indeed valid? Talk to Mr. McAdams BEFORE pleading guilty. There is always a defense.

Greeley Criminal Law Attorney

In addition to his DUI defense practice, lawyer Bill McAdams represents clients accused of felonies or misdemeanors involving drug crimes, criminal mischief, theft, property crimes, child abuse, sex offenses, domestic violence, assault and traffic offenses.

Free Initial Consultation With a Lawyer Who Can Help

Whether you have been accused of a first-time DWAI, a repeat offender DUI or you are facing felony drug charges, attorney Bill McAdams will take the time to explain your legal options and the strength and weaknesses of the prosecution's case and how he believes he can provide you with a strong defense. Call 970-573-7765 for a free consultation that is confidential. You may also send us a secure and confidential e-mail to schedule an appointment.

Areas of Practice Client Success Stories
  • People v. P.S.

    Client was charged with DUI and Weaving. We filed motions to suppress most of the evidence based on a faulty stop. The court granted our motions and the DA dismissed the case.
  • People v. B.E.

    Client was charged with DUI and Open Container. We filed motions to suppress evidence based on a faulty stop and coerced statements. The court granted our motions and the DA dismissed the case.
  • People v. J.H.

    Client was charged with DUID (Drugs) and Speeding. We argued that the chemical test given our client was invalid and meaningless. The DA conceded and dismissed the case.
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